The CMR scan forms an integral part of the MyoFit46 clinic visit in central London. All CMR scans in MyoFit46 take place on a 3 Tesla Siemens Prisma magnet located in the UCL Bloomsbury Centre for Clinical Phenotyping (UCL BCCP) which is part of the UCL campus in Fitzrovia London. The UCL BCCP is located in the heart of UCL Bloomsbury Campus. It is a purpose built environment dedicated to clinical research.

The BCCP is based on the 1st and 2nd floor Roger Williams Building, 69 – 75 Chenies Mews and provides high-quality clinical environment: 12 clinical rooms, laboratory, advanced image post-processing and cardiac investigations. The MyoFit46 team works in close partnership with the Chenies Mews Imaging Centre that offers MRI scanning services and is located on the ground floor of Roger Williams Building. The Chenies Mews Imaging Centre provides our study members with a pleasant, safe and highest-quality CMR experience related to this project.

At the UCL BCCP, we have created this video which explains the key steps during the MyoFit46 clinic visit and addresses frequent Q&As relating to the CMR scan.